Friday, February 1, 2019

4th Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Regatta 2019 - The Most Excitement in 4th year

We sailed on a yacht with a luxurious design that is 124 years old called "Rona". This trip aims for watching live the grand event, a sailing race that was held at Nongsa Point Marina and Resort, entitled 4th Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Regatta 2019.

Waters re-enlivened by the sailboat that competed in this outstanding event. Event organized by Nongsa Point Marina & Resort supported by the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia and Riau Islands be held for three days from 25th to 27th January 2019. The event is also an annual agenda that is included in the event calendar of Batam Tourism Office and also Riau Islands was attended by more than 600 people, consisting of participants, spectators, supporters, invited guests and also the media for three days Nongsa Regatta 2019.

This is the first time we both took part in this event as a husband and wife. Rome, which was not strong enough to hit the waves, felt nauseous and vomited while watching the keelboat race in the middle of the sea. But we continue to watch the excitement of the Nongsa Regatta which is held once a year.

Last year Roma attended this event. But there is something different this year, namely the presence of local participants who will decorate the podium namely athletes from Riau Islands and Papua.

Several race categories in the 4th Nongsa Regatta 2019:

Keelboat is a race that we witnessed directly in the middle of the sea. This category race is a group that works together on one yacht.

Then Dinghies is the single athlete category which is followed by children from elementary school to junior high school.

Radio Control
Now this is the most unique, the race using a remote control as a miniature yacht controller. The participants only need to sit on the beach and control their respective yachts.

The winners

Laser Category
Laser 4.7 Girls
Champions : Dilla Adilya Safitri – Club (Kepri)
1st Runner Up : Aurora Angel Gayatri Waromi -  Club (Papua)
2nd Runner Up : Siti Zulaikha Bt Mohd Asri – Club ( Kepri)

Laser 4.7 Boys
Champions : Ramadhan Tito -  Club (Kepri)
1st Runner Up : Ariel Maulana – Club ( Kepri)
2nd Runner Up : Aldo Rizki Zulkarnain – Club (Papua)

Champions : Ramadhan Tito – Club (Kepri)
1st Runner Up : Dilla Adilya Safitri – Club (Kepri)
2nd Runner Up : Ariel Maulana – Club (Kepri)

Optimis Category
Optimis Girls :
Champions : Aina Zulaikha Bt Azizul Rahman – Club (Selangor)
1st Runner Up : Emma Ledis Julia Yawan – Club (Papua)
2nd Runner Up : Sintya Bella Putri – Club ( Kepri)

Optimis Boys :
Champions : Rahmad Zhairy – Club (Kepri)
1st Runner Up : Muhd Iman Bin Saiful Anwar – Club (Selangor)
2nd Runner Up : Josua Warobai – Club (Papua)

Champions : Rahmad Zhairy – Club (Kepri)
1st Runner Up : Josua Warobai – Club (Papua)
2nd Runner Up : Fitri Gunawan – Club (Kepri)

Radio Control 

  • Champions  - Bart Ouwerling - Netherlands
  • 1st Runner Up -  Mark Biggest - UK
  • 2nd Runner Up - Willem Edelenbos - Netherlands

The organizers acknowledge that the implementation of 4th Wonderful Indonesia Nongsa Regatta 2019 can not be separated from the cooperation of many parties. Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia and Riau Islands and PORLASI (Sports unity sailing Indonesia) is a party that provides support in the implementation of this event. This form of support is also shown by the presence of high rank from the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia and Riau Islands in three years of this event.

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  1. Amazing, Wonderful, Awesome Event this 4th Nongsa Reggatta, love this event

  2. semoga pasangan muda ini tahun depan bisa ikut nonton lomba bergengsi ini ya... karena nongsa regatta hanya ada di Batam kan ?jadi sayang untuk dilewatkan

  3. wah seru banget ya. Tahun depan kudu nonton lagi. BTW selamat ya buat yang menang lomba Nongsa Regatta. sampai ketemu di acara Nongsa Regatta tahun depan.

  4. Senengnya bisa naik yacht yang usianya udh ratusan tahun